Big Data

With data increasing at an exponential rate and corporates getting into the digitization bandwagon it has become important more than ever to be able to apply the right strategy and architecture to your enterprse data.

Our implementation framework typically consists of four phases. We start with aligning Business and IT leaders on the “why” and their buy in on the need following which we conduct discovery sessions to understand the current state of your enterprise data.

Big-Data Advisory

•  Big-Data Maturity Assessment        Big-Data Tooling Strategy

•  Solution Blueprint                               Roadmap & CBA Analysis

Big-Data Engineering

  Big-Data Agile Development                                  Big-Data QA

  Big-Data Platform Management & DevOPs      •   Big-Data Reporting & BI

Big Data Governance:

Enterprice data is a strategic asset only if it is governed properly. It should be easy to find, trust worthy and simple to understand. With digitization of the enterprise and various ways to ingest data it is important there is a goernance process in place to make your data accessible, traceable and provides value to users who need it. We have worked with enterprises in defining operational data stewardship procedures and best practices for creating and using data with the appropriate technology. Our big data governance consulting team has worked in tools such as collibra to implement governance policies defined by enterprises. They help create, maintain and support the processes on an ongoing basis.

Data Science:

Our data science practice contains contains consultants with experience in fefining processes and systems to extract insights from enterprise data in various forms either structured or unstructured. It is important to ask the right questions, understanding and manipulating data to deriving inferences and creation of visualization and publishing results. Our team has core expertise in all of these stages to make sense of data by filtering out noise and providing insightful data products using real world data. Working with data on scale effectively is through expeience and and interdisciplinary set of tools. Our team consists of consultants with deep analytical and technical skills/experience in big data and data science. We bring in expertise with new and emerging technologies to organize and make sense of the avalanche of data.